Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This I Believe Assignment 9/18/07

1. A link to the essay
2. Author
Judith Jamison
3. Title
To Thine Own Self Be True
4. One sentence of what the belief is...
We are in this world for only so long and one must be open, honest and true to herself. No regrets, but be good in this life.
5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
*In the rehearsal studio, I strive to be as true to myself as I possibly can. For me, the studio is hallowed ground, where the realities of self and spirit are revealed.
*I had a dancer who was a beautiful dancer with a gorgeous body. But I couldn't get him to express himself. He had to go further.He has to find his truth in what he wants to say, and show us who he is as a person.
6. 1 favorite passage
In my life and work, I've found that honesty comes with goodness. My mother used to say, and she was quoting Shakespeare, "This above all: To thine own self be true."

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