Thursday, November 29, 2007


Political Debate: These debates occur on TV. The purpose is to get their ideas out, gain more followers and to get more votes to win an election. It helps arrive at a better decision, because we then can decide who we agree or disagree and who we feel will do their job to its full potential. The debate is structured, which allows the candidates to get the same amount of time making it unbiased or it is set up in a way that makes it an equal chance for the candidates.

School Debate: These obviously occur in school. The purpose of these is to allow people to get out their opinions and to make an impact on others. It allows both sides to be productive, yet it can be either structured or unstructured. When it is structured everyone gets a say in and if it’s unstructured the teacher or one student would probably take over the debate.

Family Debates: These may occur anywhere, but most likely at home. There are many purposes for these debates, such as: what will happen on a vacation, what will we spend any extra money on, how to give each person an equal amount of time with the car, how much free time can you have before doing homework, and so on. This helps arrive a better decision for the family as a whole, and what will make life a bit less stressful. These debates are sometimes structured and sometimes unstructured. When it’s structured it makes the decision making process extremely nice, but when it’s unstructured it may just be our mom taking over in the end.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 2 Post B

Sophie Chabot woke from what we would all hope would only be a nightmare. In only her underwear, she lay in the woods hearing voices of her rescuers. The male and female officers reinsure her to not worry and that everything is alright now. They were going to bring her to the emergency room, but later she found out she began to scream at the voices of the officers. She could not recall any of her screams. As that dreadful night flashed through her memory she remembered Crow saying he was going to the car to get the condoms and that it would only take a minute. As she was laying in the woods that night, she heard the rustling in the leaves and then heard voices coming from the party at the house. She started to yell out Crow’s name, in hopes that it was him returning to her. Sadly, she saw a group of shadows and whispers from their mouths. Suddenly, a figure jumped on top of her and covered her face with her shirt. The others grabbed her arms and held her down. The body jumped off of her and another jumped on. She could no longer feel anything, nor hear her own muffled cries. Louise, the nurse, put two fingers on Sophie’s wrist in the hospital room. He said, “If she’s trembling, she’s back in this world” (pg. 48). I know it’s a good sign she’s trembling, because that means she’s at least still with us. But I can’t help but think; maybe she’s trembling for another reason.

Week 2 Post A


1. Haze (pg. 44)-noun: 1. daze, fog, confusion characterized by lack of clarity

2. Gingerly (pg. 49)-adjective: 1. with extreme care or delicacy; "they proceeded with gingerly footwork over the jagged stones"; "the issue was handled only in a gingerly way"- W.S.White


"Then she saw them, or the shadow of them." (pg. 46)

This quote is significant because it lets the readers know that Sophie knows Crow didn't harm her. Sophie doesn't know exactly who committed the crime or everything that happened, but she knows there's more than one person guilty of this horrific crime.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 1 Post B

My quote I used in Post A was, “Don’t you hear something?” (pg. 3). This is most likely the most significant quote from the entire book. Sophie had said this repeatedly to Crow as they ventured into the woods, near the party they had attended. As they pushed the limbs of the trees to the side so that they wouldn’t be hit in the face, Sophie had an eerie that there was something else out there besides them. Yet Crow reinsured her there was nothing there, and she was probably just hearing the waves hit the shore of the river. They quickly rushed into “touchy feely” time and Crow forgot a condom so he had to leave Sophie for a few minutes and run to the car to retrieve one. When he reached the car a truck of girls drove up and Crow had to hide and wait longer than he had expected he would have to. When he ran back into the woods Sophie wasn’t where he’d left her; he saw her stumbling away and called her name with no response when suddenly she dropped to the ground. Crow ran to her and saw she was bruised and cut up badly, when he then heard the cops running into the woods. Crow knew he would be accused of doing this to her, even though he’s her boyfriend, so he ran away leaving his wallet behind. Sophie was put into the hospital and refused to say anything about what happened, leaving Crow helpless. Unfortunately, Crow also felt he had to lie to his father, which won’t help him seeing he is going to trail. Even though he is best friends with the town judge’s son, that makes no difference; he is the only lead to the case. I think that all the secrets will unravel during this conflicting case; Carl is not Crow’s real father, his mother cheated on Crow’s “father” with a college professor, secrets among the city, and Crow’s true strength to get through no one believing him and to reveal the true rapist.

Week 1 Post A


“Don’t you hear something?” (pg. 3). This is what Sophie had asked Crow as they walked further and further into the woods. It's extremely significant, because unknowingly there really was someone following them and that's the person i suspect raped Sophie when Crow left to run to his car.


1) Wanes (In a quote right before page one)-verb 1. Grow smaller 2. Become smaller
3. Decrease in phase

2) Subaqueous (pg. 9)-adj. 1. Growing or remaining under water

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Slow Moon

*The Slow Moon by Elizabeth Cox
*The book is meant for young adults & is sufficiently challenging for our level of reading.
*A friend told me about the book and I read the back of the book to find what it was about and really took interest in it.