Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 1 Post B

My quote I used in Post A was, “Don’t you hear something?” (pg. 3). This is most likely the most significant quote from the entire book. Sophie had said this repeatedly to Crow as they ventured into the woods, near the party they had attended. As they pushed the limbs of the trees to the side so that they wouldn’t be hit in the face, Sophie had an eerie that there was something else out there besides them. Yet Crow reinsured her there was nothing there, and she was probably just hearing the waves hit the shore of the river. They quickly rushed into “touchy feely” time and Crow forgot a condom so he had to leave Sophie for a few minutes and run to the car to retrieve one. When he reached the car a truck of girls drove up and Crow had to hide and wait longer than he had expected he would have to. When he ran back into the woods Sophie wasn’t where he’d left her; he saw her stumbling away and called her name with no response when suddenly she dropped to the ground. Crow ran to her and saw she was bruised and cut up badly, when he then heard the cops running into the woods. Crow knew he would be accused of doing this to her, even though he’s her boyfriend, so he ran away leaving his wallet behind. Sophie was put into the hospital and refused to say anything about what happened, leaving Crow helpless. Unfortunately, Crow also felt he had to lie to his father, which won’t help him seeing he is going to trail. Even though he is best friends with the town judge’s son, that makes no difference; he is the only lead to the case. I think that all the secrets will unravel during this conflicting case; Carl is not Crow’s real father, his mother cheated on Crow’s “father” with a college professor, secrets among the city, and Crow’s true strength to get through no one believing him and to reveal the true rapist.

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