Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 2 Post B

Sophie Chabot woke from what we would all hope would only be a nightmare. In only her underwear, she lay in the woods hearing voices of her rescuers. The male and female officers reinsure her to not worry and that everything is alright now. They were going to bring her to the emergency room, but later she found out she began to scream at the voices of the officers. She could not recall any of her screams. As that dreadful night flashed through her memory she remembered Crow saying he was going to the car to get the condoms and that it would only take a minute. As she was laying in the woods that night, she heard the rustling in the leaves and then heard voices coming from the party at the house. She started to yell out Crow’s name, in hopes that it was him returning to her. Sadly, she saw a group of shadows and whispers from their mouths. Suddenly, a figure jumped on top of her and covered her face with her shirt. The others grabbed her arms and held her down. The body jumped off of her and another jumped on. She could no longer feel anything, nor hear her own muffled cries. Louise, the nurse, put two fingers on Sophie’s wrist in the hospital room. He said, “If she’s trembling, she’s back in this world” (pg. 48). I know it’s a good sign she’s trembling, because that means she’s at least still with us. But I can’t help but think; maybe she’s trembling for another reason.

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