Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Sickened Blog!

In the last part of Sickened I wanted to jump for joy because she finally started to get her life back in order! She is now able to go about her life in baby-steps at a time to make up her lost childhood. She has now moved out of her house of mirrors and is moving the Los Angeles, California. She feels moving there in a sea of people she won’t stand out. She’ll be able to start her life over and no one will care if she dies on the sidewalk. She will just be happy to not have people watching all the time. She also tries talking to her mom and her dad again. Her dad doesn’t admit to anything even after crying because he was being confronted by Julie about the abuse. Then she saw her mother again and her brother Danny. Julie is over thirty now and has finally decided to call Children’s Services, because she knows her mother will never stop her abusive behaviors. But Julie has moved on and is now leading the life she deserves.

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