Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sickened Quote

Post #1: "I can't smile without you, can't laugh without you. If you only knew what I'm going through..." This was a quotes said by Julie Gregory on page 27. This quote sums up the book in so many ways. It makes me think about the book on a different level. It makes me think of the irony in this book, how she cares so much for her mother when her mom is the one who's making her worse. This is my favorite quote in the book, because it tells you she knows something’s not right, but she still lets it happen, because she cares so much for her mother.

Post #2: In part 4 the same bad things are happening to Julie. Her mom is still crazy and might be getting crazier. Julie is getting sicker and the doctors are getting further and further away from figuring out what's wrong with this child. Julie's dad is getting more physically abusive with the children. The section in part 4 that gets me the most is the section of pictures talking about her mom, her life as a child living in the trailer with her brother, crazy dad, and crazier mom. She talks about her 4-H horse, Skipster's Barr. Julie's mom would make her pose as a model and carry pictures of her around in her purse to show a "nice older man" who wanted to have a look at her. The last photo graph of Julie and her mom was on Mother's Day in Ohio. But two months later she learned of MBP and started to rebuild her life. For her last picture she states, “I am a real woman now. I have lived a lot of life. I know what it feels like to be cut, caged, or taken, and I know what it feels like to escape." I think that might be another quote of hers that sums up her life.

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