Friday, October 26, 2007

The Sea Inside

Post one:
My general reaction and response to this film is heartache. It make’s me sad to think someone has to endure something like Ramon has to. I think his request for assisted suicide is pretty complicated, because it puts whomever he asks in an awkward position. He is asking them to do it out of love for him, but they love him so much that they want to keep him living; yet on the other hand, they don’t want to see their loved one suffer. I feel the court’s response to him was reasonable, because any way you look at it, its suicide. And what kind of message would the court send out if they allowed that kind of suicide to happen, but others were sins? I feel his final actions were showing a man at whit’s end. I have many mixed emotions on this subject, because it is suicide and in God’s eyes suicide is a sin. But I know, if put in that situation, I would have most likely done the same. That was not life. But then there’s my feeling that God chose when he wanted you to be put into life, and He has the choice of when to end your life. So I am still very uncertain on how I feel about this matter. For his friends that helped him, they did it out of love, that’s all I can say in defense for them. But in a way they helped suicide; almost murder. So it’s just another fact of religion for me. But I don’t feel any of them should have gone to jail. They already lost a loved one; I think that’s enough punishment.

Post two:
The Sea Inside and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly I feel aren’t very similar at all. Yes, they can’t move and are both quadriplegic, but Bauby can’t speak and Ramon can. The only other similarities I find are that they both wrote books and their stories are both sad. Otherwise I find that Bauby, although talking about regrets and how people treat him differently at times, is an optimistic person who doesn’t want to kill himself; as far as we know. Ramon always seemed to bring up the sad and depressing things like how he was sitting so close to Julia, but could not reach out and touch her. He always would speak of dying and how he thought there was no Heaven, which made me pretty sad seeing I like to have things I can believe in. So in reality, yes they are both in the same position, but the way they feel about it is different and the stories are very different as well. The Sea Inside was more powerful for me personally. I am one that needs to “see it to believe it.” So watching the video had a greater impact on me. Also the fact he could speak and tell you how he felt made it more dramatic when he would talk to Julia especially.

Post three:
The scene that effected me the most was the extreme close ups of the pictures of Ramon’s life when Julia was looking through them. They showed the pictures quickly and almost got a feeling of, life passes by fast. I think the director was going for that effect on people to get it in their heads that life is short and soon all you have left are those pictures. The scene and extreme close up made the message of the movie so much stronger for me.

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