Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3 Post B

In these chapters I start to figure out who I think possibly committed the crime and raped Sophie. First it gives us information on Sophie’s life and how she moved from Montana to Tennessee. Her father died back in Montana and she was worried that if she moved she would leave behind the memories of her father. Sophie’s father, Ben, was a forest ranger in Glacier Park. (Ironic how he worked in the forest and Sophie was raped in a forest.) She begged her mother, Rita, not to move and asked her if she no longer loved Montana. Her mother told her that if she didn’t like Montana then they wouldn’t stay there. When they arrived they were greeted by their new neighbor, the town judge, Aurelia Bailey. She invited them to have dinner that night and when they arrived at the Bailey’s house they were greeted at the door by Bobby. Bobby took extreme interest in Sophie right away. Bobby showed up at Sophie’s house everyday the following week asking her to join him to go anywhere and do anything. She finally said yes when he asked her to join him at his band rehearsal at the end of the week. That evening he asked her to go with him down by the river. When they were down there he expressed to Sophie his feelings for her and tried to kiss her. Sophie felt flattered, scared and uncomfortable around him. She told him no and asked to leave. Then you have Lester. Lester first saw Sophie at school. He figured out her class schedule and watched for her in the halls. He finally got up enough courage to ask her to the dance. When Sophie said yes all he could think about is what he was going to do with her that night and how much he fantasized about touching Sophie. When that night rolled around, Sophie was dancing with neither Lester nor Bobby; Sophie was dancing with Crow and couldn’t stop talking about him after. That is where the jealousy of both friends of Crow’s came about. Crow came between the girl both his best friends like and this is where the entire story seems to start to unravel.

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