Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4 Post B

Reflective thoughts of week 4 reading:

This part in the book is important for many reasons. Number one, Crow is found not guilty by the jury and now people know it was not him. Yet still lingering in everyone’s minds, including mine, is who committed this unbelievably horrific crime? Was it one of there very own? Was it there son whom committed this crime they despise? Was it there neighbor; the kid down the street? If not Crow, who? It is mind boggling when you think about it, because for the people that live in this down, the very ones they love could have committed this very crime that everyone wants to solve. But besides this case there are other mischief’s happening. Bobby has a gun now and is telling everyone it is to work on his aim to impress his father he did not even know was still alive. Bobby is going through a lot right now; receiving the letter from his father, finding out that his mother knew all along and just never told him, the controversial thoughts over Sophie and the fact that Crow is his best friend. So that gets me thinking; what is Bobby aiming at? There are a few options I feel he is considering. First, kill himself to kill the pain and confusion he is dealing with. Second, kill Crow for stealing his girl. Third, kill Sophie to save his hide. Fourth thought, kill everyone. I think Bobby is deeply depressed and just confused about a lot and needs some help. I feel Crow is the one to help Bobby find his way back onto the right path.

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