Sunday, December 23, 2007

Week 5 Post B

“I’m afraid if I accuse somebody, that the accusation will backfire. Lawyers could make it look like my fault, the guys could get off and-” Sophie then proceeds to say, “If I accuse somebody, they’ll say that I wasn’t wearing any clothes, they say it was my fault. And I’d had some beer, so that too.” Her words came in huge sobs (p. 184). Sophie expresses her feelings to her mother right before she is about to board her plane. Sophie had decided to fly back to Montana and stay with her friend Grace for the summer. At first her mother, Rita, didn’t want her to go. But then Rita went to speak with Dr. Brooks, Sophie’s therapist. He felt Sophie going away might clear her head. Dr. Brooks thought that maybe by chance Sophie will be able to remember the perpetrators who bestowed horrible physical and mental pain onto her. After speaking with Dr. Brooks, Rita understood that getting away was the best thing for Sophie. She also understood why Sophie liked this man so much, because even when things seemed so bad, he made it seem like everything will be okay. But as Sophie and Rita sat there, Rita knew she had to do something to make Sophie know everything would be okay and that she needed to tell her who the people were that raped her as soon as she could remember. Rita needed to comfort Sophie and help her daughter get their lives back in order. Sophie finally left for Montana, leaving the pain, darkness, lies, and fear behind.

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