Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 10 List: Quotes

These quotes are in no specific order.

1. “We carry our mistakes…” (282).
In the book I choose to read, The Slow Moon, this quote was thought by Johnny, Crow’s younger brother, at the end of the book. After reading this quote I thought to myself that this is exactly the same exact thing every other character was thinking. The author, Elizabeth Cox, didn’t have to tell you this was what everyone felt; it was applied throughout the entire book.
2. “But what they saw---what they really saw---was the thin, bright string of light along the hills, a horizon not yet captured, not held down by circumstance. What they saw was the world opening…” (300).
This quote was said on the last page of the book and this is how the author leaves your mind without question. Even though throughout this book it makes you feel despair, this quote leaves you with hope that their lives will start to look up. I picked this quote because it’s a bit inspiring and as I stated before, it gives you hope.
3. “But what do I look like to you now? I mean, I don’t know anymore…” (226).
I feel sometimes in life we lose ourselves. We lose sight of who we really are. And after something happens it may drastically change us to the point of where we say, who is that? When looking straight at our own reflection. After Sophie was raped, she lost sight of the girl she was and could no longer see herself in her own reflection.
4. “The word unraped kept going through her mind. And she thought she knew now how getting unraped happened: by going back through the memory of it all. She had done that earlier today, and she remembered lying on the ground, the shirts around her head slipping off, seeing the shadows of boys---three boys moving through the woods---their height, the turn of their hair, the way they walked, small gestures she had seen before. And she knew who they were…” (234).
This quote informs us that Sophie has finally remembered who the three boys were that raped her. At this point in the book you can’t help but think, “Thank God she knows who did the horrific thing to her.” You try to imagine what she went through, yet can’t, because it is one of those unimaginable things that you need to see to believe.
5. “I’m afraid if I accuse somebody, that the accusation will backfire. Lawyers could make it look like my fault, the guys could get off and…” (184).
This quote is so true it scares me. When you hear of stories that guys get off after raping a girl by flipping the story and making it seem as though it was the girls sickens me. Thank God in Sophie’s case the boys didn’t get off. And Sophie didn’t have to worry about people not believing her, because the three boys turned themselves in after she confronted them.
6. “If she’s trembling, she’s back in this world” (48).
Louise was a nurse at the hospital. He was taking care of Sophie when she had been brought there after the rape. He had said this quote to Rita, Sophie’s mom, but the way he meant it was that she’s still with us. Yet the way I interpret this quote is that she is trembling because of the rape and the trauma that goes along with its scars to her memory.
7. "Then she saw them, or the shadow of them" (46).
This quote is extremely significant to my book; because it lets the readers know that Sophie knows Crow didn’t rape her. This quote is early on in the book, so Sophie doesn’t exactly know who raped her. But she knows there were three boys and she knew she had to remember.
8. “Don’t you hear something?” (3).
This quote may be the most significant to the book. It informs us that Sophie heard something as she and Crow walked out into the woods. They had planned to go out into the woods to make love for the first time, but right before they were about to Crow remembered he forgot a condom and had to run back to the car. He left his undressed girlfriend, Sophie, by herself in the woods. But the noises Sophie had questioned Crow about were not the wind as Crow had thought. It was Bobby, Tom, and Casey following them into the woods. When they saw Crow run off, they attacked Sophie and raped her. If only Sophie would have taken the noise she heard a bit more seriously, then this may have never happened to her.
9. “I found myself pausing over the beauty of this book, and wishing I’d been the one to think of it.”
This quote was said by another favorite author of mine, Jodi Picoult. She said this quote in awe and honor of The Slow Moon. I feel the exact same way so I felt this quote, in a way, was one that I would say about this amazing book myself. A novel this good should be praised.
10. “Sophie’s request wasn’t a doubt or a dare but rather the wish to see her friend in a state of suspension over the water, a shiny moment of mindless ease, and she felt the ease of it being given to her” (225).
Sophie felt this way as she watched her friend, Grace, master the jackknife off of the diving board. Sophie stayed with Grace over the summer to get away from what had happened and clear her mind in hopes of remembering who raped her. This quote from the book may be my favorite because I love moments where nothing can touch you and your mind is at peace. For Sophie, watching her friend perform this dive and then managing to do it herself set her mind at peace, if only for a moment.

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