Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 6 Post B

I feel there are so many good quotes I could take from this section. It is the best thus far. I have decided to take some of the best quotes out of this section to let you see the depth of this book and the emotion that overwhelms you and makes you think. “But what do I look like to you now? I mean, I don’t know anymore. I wash and dry my hair and put on makeup, but I can’t really see my face anymore, or my body. A few days ago I caught a glimpse of myself in a window, and what I saw surprised me---my reflection surprised me. I’ve gotten thin, but still, what do I look like?” Sophie asked this to her best friend Grace on page 226. “The word unraped kept going through her mind. And she thought she knew now how getting unraped happened: by going back through the memory of it all. She had done that earlier today, and she remembered lying on the ground, the shirts around her head slipping off, seeing the shadows of boys---three boys moving through the woods---their height, the turn of their hair, the way they walked, small gestures she had seen before. And she knew who they were.” Sophie had finally remembered who raped her on page 234. “She conspired to be a literal moon…the moon came close to her face---a simple touch of wings, and she was done…but she knew that the evening had changed, and that the night had become for her, in those few moments, a revelation. She was coming back to the world” (p. 235). As Sophie talked to Bobby, on page 244, she said, “you and Tom and Casey have to turn yourselves in. I want you to admit what you’ve done. It will be easier that way---just a confession.” The next morning before noon the three boys turned themselves in for raping Sophie. These are only a few of the quotes I loved from this section which had so much powerful meaning.

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