Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 7 Post B

When I first started to read this section of the book I thought to myself…what does this have to do with the book? The as you look closer and start to get deeper into it you realize that it is tell you how the community is summed up in an odd way. They talk about how there is a carnival and there is the circus with monkeys in the large tent. When the show started the monkeys appeared to be normal, cool, collected, trained and restrained. But as the show proceeds to go on the monkeys get raddled up and get bothered by things and start to get upset and act in ways they normally would not have. The monkey trainer was trying to keep them under control until all mayhem broke loose. The trainer had to call in reinforcement, yet the monkeys could not be stopped or contained. The monkeys fled the tent and ran in a rampage to freedom. During the time I was reading this I didn’t quite understand what this had to do with anything. Then I started to see the connection. The way in which the author made you dig deep to really see the meaning behind these crazed monkeys. It was one of those “read between the lines” moment and I find it fascinating how she could easily compare the community, the society, to wild monkeys. As Sophie and Crow’s kiss still lingered on their lips they looked down from the Ferris wheel upon the event, the world and all its flaws. “But what they saw---what they really saw---was the thin, bright string of light along the hills, a horizon not yet captured, not held down by circumstance. What they saw was the world opening…” (300). I don’t know if you could quite say this was a happy ending, but in some ways it certainly was a happily ever after.

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